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Hefei Taihe Optoelectronic Technology Company Ltd was established at the end of 2004 and formally logged in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in March 2017, specialising in the research and development, production, marketing, installation and technical service of artificial intelligence, control technology and robot system.   As a national high tech enterprise, a provincial key software enterprise, an innovative pilot enterprise and one of the top 100 private import-export enterprises in Anhui Province the company has also been listed in the top 20 software enterprises in Anhui province for many consecutive years.  The company has had hundreds of millions of annual output value.  After more than ten years of development, the company has grown into a successful manufacturer of intelligent sorting equipment, industrial robots and complete equipment based on high speed and high resolution CCD technology, which are produced in large scale, of plenty varieties and applied in a wide range of fields.  These intelligent products include both the agricultural intelligent sorting equipment for rice, grain and tea and industrial intelligent sorting equipment for plastics and industrial salt as well as the robot palletiser and stamper, AGV, Automated Storage and Retrieval System, smart equipment product and so forth.  With good performance, Taiho's products have spread all over the country and exported to Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania among others.


Optical Colour Sorter





PRODUCT OUTPUT (T/h)(Japonica rice)




  6SXM-441 / 6SXZ-441



9.0 - 17.0

3.0 - 9.0



  6SXM-504 / 6SXZ-504



10.0 - 19.0

3.5 - 19.0



  6SXMm-630 / 6SXZ-630



11.0 - 20.0

4.0 - 11.0




1.  The sorting accuracy:  The content of normal material granule in finished product material, after colour sorting of the material containing different colour granules.

2.  The above colour sorting performance takes about 2% rice or wheat as example.  Specific indicator will change with different materials and impurities.

3.  The product is updated without further notice, but the fact of machine will prevail.


APP Smart Internet - Global Leading Technology


Global internet, mobile control - connect machine to mobile terminals ie phone, ipad etc by wifi, 4G or wired mode to see real-time machine status and debugging parameters, and make operation simpler, flexible and efficient.  Real-time monitoring, service upgrading - dedicated staff rapid response, upgrade system continuously, perfect functions and optimize customer experience.



Color sorting is everywhere

Taiho CCD color sorter is applied to many fields, involving the industrial sorting and grading of rice, peanut, soybean, sesame, coffee, tea and other agricultural and sideline products, the industrial sorting and grading and detection application of plastics and industrial salt.



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